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Program Detail

Elite Shooting


Coach Ryan will show you what it took to earn the “green light” to shoot whenever, wherever, on every team he ever played for, from youth AAU through Division 1. 

Coach Ryan played and trained his whole career left handed on his way to setting the all-time 3 point record at Naperville Central High School. Those training methods were tested in a major way after suffering a very serious wrist injury to his shooting hand in college. Using the same methods and drills… within a year, Coach Ryan trained HIMSELF to shoot and play right-handed. That focus lead to yet another green light and unlimited range, while only shooting righty for under a year. 

The technique, focus, drills, mechanics, and shooter’s mentality has been proven. 

Give yourself the advantage!

Catch & Shoot - Efficient footwork 

Catch & Shoot – Spacing, Relocations, Euro-cuts

Catch & Shoot – Reading/reacting off screens

Off Dribble – Efficient footwork, explosive 1st step

Off Dribble – Transition Shooting

Off Dribble – Creating your own (Heso-pull up, step back, jab-work, off ball screens)

If a player is not currently with our program please contact Coach Ryan at for more information to assure the he/she is placed in the appropriate camp for their skill level. 

There are currently no camps available for this program.