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Program Detail



BP SKILLZ program is our premier DYNAMIC SKILL DEVELOPMENT class designed to systematically develop the youth basketball player.

  • This program is for the travel level players
  • Players are challenged through inter-active drills to simulate game action
  • Curriculum is carefully planned to prepare athlete for HS play
  • The focus of BP SKILLZ is on the details

Please note that players may move from beginner to advanced level once they have demonstrated that they have mastered the required skill sets.

Mastering the essential skills takes time and that the player needs to recognize that his development is a process and it cannot be rushed. Without developing the required fundamentals, the player's weaknesses will eventually be exposed in competition.

Age or grade level does not determine which level a participant enters or when they advance.  It is determined by skill level.


Developmental focus: The basic required skills to play the game

  • Postural balance
  • Footwork
  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting mechanics
  • Defensive stance & footwork
  • Pivoting


Developmental focus: Emphasize the basics, stressing the details

  • Balance: "cat & mouse" game - understanding the physical importance of deception
  • Create space; teaching to lead with strong side foot
  • First step quickness; understanding the importance of weight transfer & explosiveness
  • Ball handling: efficient footwork leads to efficient ball handling skills
  • Ball handling deceleration; change of direction & change of speed mechanics
  • Shooting mechanics; footwork, balance, release, follow through - rhythm & timing
  • Shooting deceleration; shooting off the bounce
  • Pivoting 
  • Expand on offensive 1 on 1 moves; illustrating the importance of deception
  • Introduce the 2-man game - Pick n Roll, Pick n Pop (offense / defense)
  • Expand on defensive man-to-man principles
  • Expand on team concepts - emphasizing playing without the ball 

There are currently no classes available for this program.