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Charles Holler

School Experience

Teaching Experience- Movement teacher for preschool and kindergarteners for 3 years.

4+ Years coaching travel basketball

Experienced  Paradise  travel coach - multiple seasons Fall 19 - Present

Q & A With Coach

Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

Grant Hill - he was a great all around player. 

Who is your favorite NBA or College team?

Philadelphia 76ers and Duke

Who are your role models?

My grandmother

Where do you place your emphasis (offense, defense) during practice and games?

Fundamentals are key for me. It's the attention to the details that can change the outcome of a game. 

How do you measure the success of your players?

If they are having fun but also learning and growing as young adults. 

What do you like to do for a hobby?

I like to travel and go on road trips. 

Who inspires you?

My son.